WTWW: Chunky Heel Platform Boots

by Grace Lim on January 28, 2020

What to Wear With: Chunky Heel Platform Boots

Today, we show you how to style outfits with chunky heel platform boots! We’ll cover some seasonal outfit ideas that will inspire you to explore and try yourselves.

Winter: We’re still in the middle of this chilly season, so here’s a few inspos and outfit tips.

  1. Polished and poised: Always go for the long duster coat in your closet. This, layered over a simple knit sweater and trouser bottoms, paired with some chunky combat boots can be your go-to winter fit for a quick trip to the store or a night out with friends.
  2. Casual and effortless: One word. Denim. Switch out the duster coat for a thick puffer, bomber, or shearling jacket and sport some straight-leg denim bottoms with a cuffed or raw hem. Top it off with a cuffed beanie.

Spring: Can’t wait to wear our mini dresses and crop tops!

  1. A feminine touch: Floral prints and various lace/eyelet textures are key. Try a pastel colored milkmaid crop top with a chiffon layered skirt. Pair with a mini handbag, matching in tone/color to your top or bottom, and add some dainty gold or silver accents (IMPORTANT: always match metals in your outfit; this includes: belt, bag, jewelry, hair accessories). A few barrette clips in your hair couldn’t hurt either. Just have fun with it!
  2. Boss girl attitude: Without compromising your breezy spring wear, go for that oversized graphic tee or t-shirt dress. Sling a belt bag over your chest or waist, layer a distressed denim jacket over, and you’ve got your bad ass chick fit on point. To texturize this outfit even more, slip on some fishnet socks or tights. And of course, metal accents are key.

Summer: Can we fight fire with fire?

  1. Tackle the heat and still look chic: Satin cami tops are so unbelievably sexy, yet simple. Pair your favorite satin cami with a simple mini skirt (one that doesn’t take away from your top) and layer a black leather jacket over, or a coat blazer. Both mean business.
  2. Cute and flirty please: Just like spring, we want to bring the floral elements into summer. Think ditzy floral prints, cute polka dot patterns, textural chiffon/lace, and pale denim pieces. Choose a floral or dotted patterned tee with a denim pinafore dress layered over, some lacy textured socks, and a cute mini backpack and you’ve got a perfect summer outfit down.

Fall: Arguably the best season of all.

  1. That one Indian summer: For that one weirdly hot day in Autumn, go for a thin, form-fitting ribbed sweater with a corduroy skirt (for that signature fall look). Add a simple belt and top it off with a fiddler cap.
Cozy up: Bring those fall reds, oranges and browns and warm textiles out! Bottoms:  cropped plaid or corduroy trousers. Top: Boxy, cropped turtleneck sweater. Layer a suede or leather jacket over, whichever you see fit, and lastly, pair with a simple mini crossbody bag.