WTWW: Clear Heels

by Grace Lim on January 28, 2020

What to Wear With: Clear Heels

Clear heels are still on a climbing fashion trend craze at the moment, so we want to bring you some outfit styling tips and how to wear them. They’re fun to style, work with virtually any outfit, and just an overall solid statement shoe!

  1. Wear them with: A pair of easy-fit mom jeans. 

Just like the image above shows, lucite heels look great with even a casual outfit. The cut-off denim adds a subtle texture, and the wider leg fit loosens up the outfit a bit more. For your top, wear a high mock neck knit tee or tank and dangle some classy gold hoops on your lobes. 

  1. Wear them with: A power pant-suit.

People will look at you and think, “Damn, she means business.” You can never go wrong with a classy dark colored suit, like black or navy, but some fun, brighter colors to explore are red, white, or virtually any pastel hues. You can even opt for a pinstripe or patterned suit for a more interesting/artistic vibe or a textured (satin, suede, velvet, etc.) suit if you’re open to exploring!

  1. Wear them with: A midi skirt.

Midi skirts are also a steady fashion staple at the moment and come in many different styles and textiles. Satin offers a sensual, chic vibe and shape. Tulle or chiffon plays heavily with movement. Knit or cotton delivers a cozy, homey feeling. It just depends on what statement you’re trying to make with your clear heels.

  1. Wear them with: A co-ord set.

Co-ord sets, who doesn’t love them? They’re super easy because you don’t have to contemplate what to wear; they’re ready for you whenever, wherever, like a premade outfit kit. For this inspiration, you’ll want to choose a simple, monochromatic co-ord set. The less texture and movement in the textiles, the better. The goal here is to try to accent, but not dominate the main focus of your outfit, which are, of course, the heels. The clear statement heel will stand out on your feet, and will act as a centerpiece on your simple co-ord canvas.

  1. Wear them with: A bodycon dress.

One word. Damn. If this doesn’t spell classy, we don’t know what does. Bodycon dresses are sexy and truly designed to show off those womanly curves you have. To add some interesting movement to this outfit, opt for a mini ruched bodycon dress. The repetitive textile folds and wrinkles not only elevate a plain bodycon, but also hide any unwanted panty lines you may have! Show off some leg while you’re at it; you don’t want the ruched textures to swallow you up!

Thanks for tuning in and let us know which outfit(s) out of these five you tried out!