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WTWW: Kitten Heel Sandals

by Grace Lim on January 28, 2020

What to Wear With: Kitten Heel Sandals

There’s something about the petite micro heel that we find absolutely chic and lovely. It makes a statement in a not so obvious way and we are totally living for it. We’ve outlined a few tips on how to wear the 60s shoe trend, but specifically, kitten heel sandals. They offer that same sleek, stylish appearance of its closed-toe sister; the difference is, they can be styled both casual and dressy, depending on the occasion you’re wearing them for!

Dressy “Fitspos”:

  1. A flared midi dress: If you have a midi dress in your closet with a peplum flare, choose of pair of strappy kitten sandals to go with it. The dainty straps give a subtle accent to your feet and won’t rob the attention from that statement flare in your dress. 
  2. A structured maxi dress: Ideally, the length of this dress should hit slightly above the ankles, so your cute kitten heels will still show. Choose a dress that cinches at the waist, is well structured and shaped in the skirt and torso, and without distracting patterns or textures. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  3. A fun mini dress: We love how much mini dresses show off the leg. For this outfit, opt for a patterned chiffon mini dress, preferably with a cinched waist and layered skirt. The layered skirt offers a play on movement and texture that not only adds volume to your hips, but also draws attention to the lower half of your body. The sheerness of each layer also adds a soft, feminine touch. Kitten heel sandals pair wonderfully with this type of dress because they mimic the same elements of the skirt. The thinner and strappier the sandal, the better.

Casual “Fitspos”:

    1. A wide culotte trouser: Solid or pin-striped, culottes play up the form by adding volume to your lower body. To balance, choose a form-fitting cropped top or sweater. A simple sandal with minimal straps is a great element to add here, because they tie the outfit together without taking away from the statement of your trousers. 
    2. An edgy skirt: This one’s fun, we promise. Choose a mini skirt with statement elements and a cropped jacket to match. Elements include: grommets, chains, Patterns, buttons/zippers. Add a plain tee under, cropped or tucked in, your choice. To make this outfit unconventional, but fun, pair some sheer ankle socks with the sandals. Yes, we know, socks with sandals. Sounds so unappealing. However, we believe there are no boundaries in fashion. 
  • A pair of distressed denim: You can’t go wrong with jeans. Pick a distressed pair, the more distressed, the simpler the sandal; the less distressed, the strappier the sandal. You get the deal. For your top, choose a faded wash tee with/without graphics and tuck it in. Accent your waist with a grommet-detailed belt. Layer a cropped knit cardigan over to soften up the tough elements of this outfit.