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WTWW: Sexy Thigh High Boots

by Grace Lim on January 28, 2020

What to Wear With: Sexy Thigh High Boots

These might seem a little tricky to style at first, but sexy thigh high boots are totally for everyone. Don’t worry about how you’re only 5’1 of if your legs aren’t slim enough. Again, we stress that these boots are for everyone. No exceptions. Here is our recipe on styling sexy thigh high boots, made easy and with zero risk. 

The go-to fit: Do you have a variety of chunky knit sweaters? What about a collection of mini skirts? This outfit offers a classic chic vibe that works on anyone. Imagine yourself in a cropped, chunky turtleneck with a mini skirt bottom to expose some thigh. To finish off, layer a blazer coat over for extra warmth and sophistication.

The nice and easy: No fuss. Have you ever wanted to purchase a sweater dress, but had no idea what to wear it with? Just add a pair of stiletto heel or chunky thigh high boots and you’re done! Metal accents help elevate your outfit, and if you don’t want to compromise your figure, cinch your waist with a belt.

The denim gal: We all love a good denim piece. Because thigh-high boots can easily swallow you up, we’re looking at a more minimal, monochromatic outfit here. Go for a classic white or neutral tee and layer a cropped, boxy fit denim jacket that matches tones with your bottoms. For an edgy vibe, button up your jacket.

The loud minimalist: Here, we’re seeking a monochromatic palette again. The beauty of monochrome colors (and most people don’t know) is that they don’t have to be neutral or grayscale. In light of that, we’ve chosen red, naturally a color that will turn heads. For this outfit, you’ll want a variety of red hues, cool and warm. Opt for a cool-toned red shift dress and warm-toned red boots or vice versa. How about a warm red sweater with cool red denim bottoms to match? It might not seem like it, but the possibilities of a monochromatic outfit are endless. We encourage you to have fun with it and explore your own ideas!

The sensual satin: Satin dresses. Satin skirts. Satin dresses or skirts with leg slits. They just scream sexy. For this outfit, opt for a midi or maxi satin shift dress with a side slit. Drape a long coat or trench coat over to mimic the length of the dress--this adds height and a slimming effect to your body. For a more casual look, pair a satin skirt with a fitted knit or slouchy sweater. Roll up the sleeves and adorn some chunky metal bracelets or a sophisticated watch to smarten up your outfit.

Like these outfit ideas? Try them out. Like we said, zero risk.