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WTWW: Vintage Inspired Shoes

by Grace Lim on January 28, 2020

What to Wear With: Vintage Inspired Shoes

Vintage inspired shoes, whether they’re heels or oxfords, are great for many different occasions. You can wear them to themed parties, Halloween events, swing dancing classes, or even just everyday! In this column, we’ll show you how to style these heels.

To a job interview: Every woman needs a good pair of interview heels that look professional but still cute. These heels are not only simple and sophisticated, but they also feature cute raindrop cutout detailing at the toe base and a T-strap. Wear them with a classic button-up dress shirt or a floral chiffon collared blouse and high-waisted pleated trousers with a flared leg or a cropped straight leg.

To a swing dance session: Swing dance is a fun and engaging activity to get your heart pumping from the movements and the laughter. These heels are the perfect shoe for casual swing dancers and beginners because the heel height is substantially low and the cutout shape of the shoe allows the feet to breathe. Pair with some trousers that have more leg room and a flowy top, or opt for a classic swing dress. 

To a themed/Halloween party: These vintage inspired heels are a great addition to any 50s themed outfit. If you ever attend a 50s decade party, or dress up as a character from the 50s for Halloween, these heels are your answer. Here, we’ve included a list of possible costumes you can wear these shoes with:

  1. The Pink Ladies
  2. Rizzo or Sandy from Grease
  3. Lucille Ball
  4. 50s Pin-up girl
  5. 50s Barbie
  6. Marilyn Monroe
  7. Alice in Wonderland
  8. Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
  9. Rockabilly themed Dia De Los Muertos girl
  10. Classic witch
  11. Black cat
  12. Vampire
  13. Bonnie Parker from Bonnie and Clyde
  14. Cat Woman
  15. Betty Boop
  16. Olive Oyl
  17. Rosie the Riveter
  18. 50s nurse
  19. 50s sailorette 
  20. Agent Carter
  21. Snow White
  22. Cruella De Vil
  23. French mime
  24. Morticia Addams
  25. Mary Poppins

For everyday casual wear: You can sport these pumps with everyday casual outfits too! Try them with a floral button up short-sleeve mini dress and lace edge socks for a cute girl-next-door vibe or a pair of cut off mom jeans and relaxed fit tee, half-tucked or knotted at the waist. For more spring/summery vibes, opt for those cute high-waisted shorts and a denim or white blouse knotted at your waist. Layer a basic tube top or cropped tank under and keep the shirt unbuttoned for that flowy, effortless look. 

Did you enjoy these outfit ideas? Let us know!